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STEM Challenge #2:

Test your memory

Massachusetts State Troopers spend a lot of time and training to sharpen their observation skills and memory.  At crash scenes, crime scenes, and on patrol Troopers and investigators must always be on the look out for the tiniest clues.  They must look closely, listen intently, and determine when things just aren’t right.

At car crashes, Troopers must observe the scene, talk to the people involved, and interview witnesses to determine what happened and who caused the crash.  Crime Scene Investigators methodically search for and collect evidence found.  They also look closely to see if anything is out of place.  Detectives speak to witnesses to learn more information about those involved and events that happened at the time of the crime.  Patrol Troopers are always on the look out for those who are driving erratically or are behaving strangely.  They are observing these behaviors to determine when criminal activity may be occurring.

Test your observation powers on these 3 photo sets. Let us know how many you can find!

Click on each image of Norman Rockwell's famous 'Runaway" set and see if you can spot the 4 differences. 

In these images of the MSPMLC's Learning Center Classroom there are 6 differences.  Can you spot them all?

In these images of the MSPMLC's Colonel's Desk there are 7 differences. 


If you have found all the differences in all 3 sets of photos, make a list and email it to to win a prize!

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