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Virtual Boot Camp

The Massachusetts State Police utilize many types of vehicles in their work. Each type of vehicle has special equipment to use in different situations.  The SUV cruiser is the one you most often see used by patrol troopers. It is equipped with sirens, lights, laptop, rescue equipment, and a backseat set up to hold prisoners securely.

STOP (Special Tactical OPerations) Team members use an armored tactical vehicle, called the Bear Cat, in dangerous high risk situations such as active shooters, rescue situations, and suspects who barricade themselves somewhere. This armored vehicle can carry Troopers and their equipment close to the situation. It can be used to protect the Troopers who take positions behind it.

2020 cruiser

SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) members sometimes use a tracked vehicle in searches for lost individuals or suspects. It can go through water and into wooded areas more easily. Many other vehicles from pick up trucks to tractor trailers are also used by the Massachusetts State Police.


Which vehicle will you improve on? Or, will you make a combination vehicle to cover all situations? Check out the MSPMLC Fleet Gallery to see MSP vehicles of the past!

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