About The MSPMLC

The Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center is a non-profit Chapter 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The MSPMLC provides an opportunity for visitors to explore the
Massachusetts State Police’s rich historical past through its interactive exhibits and Learning Center.


Massachusetts State Police Museum & Learning Center
308 Providence Road, PO Box 319, South Grafton Massachusetts 01560

Tel: (508) 839-0001

Our Mission

The Massachusetts State Police takes pride in their heritage and wishes to preserve their history for future members of the Department as well as for the public.  This will provide an opportunity for visitors to explore the agency’s past as well as learning about current law enforcement methods and public safety efforts. Over the years, many State Police related items and historic memorabilia have been recovered and restored. Some of these items are currently on display at the South Grafton facility or in storage awaiting permanent display.

MSPMLC Board of Directors

Steven Breault


Hervey Cote, Director of Exhibits


John H. Crawford

Brian Dunn

Eric Bernstein

Vice President


Richard Belanger
Ronald Guilmette


James Foley


Paul Landry


Paul Powell

Thomas Tait

Richard Barry, President Emeritus