Celebrate the 100th Anniversary

of the Uniformed Branch

The Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center in collaboration with the Department's 100th Anniversary Committee is excited to offer the following commemorative items to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Uniformed Branch.  These items are available only for a limited time. 

MA sales tax is included in all prices.


All proceeds benefit the MSPMLC in order to preserve the history and traditions of the Massachusetts State Police!  









100th Anniversary Patch (2nd version) - $10 (free shipping)

Our 1st version 100th Anniversary patch sold out in less than 30 days!  Congratulations to everyone who was able to purchase one!  Now we are introducing our 2nd version patch which is a reproduction of the "Red Acorn" first worn by the Uniformed Branch, with our official "100th Anniversary" ribbon overlaid across the bottom.  Get yours while they last!












Cruiser Decal - $5 (free shipping)

This 4" decal depicts the "Red Acorn" patch first worn by the State Police Patrol.  These decals will be displayed on the rear window of all marked cruisers in recognition of this event.









Commemorative License Plate - $25 (plus $8 shipping)

This aluminum embossed license plate displays the official 100th Anniversary logo, with up to 4 custom characters of your choosing.  This plate features the style of 1921 passenger car license plates issued at that time, with white lettering on a black background.  These plates are sold as a novelty only and may not lawfully be displayed on a motor vehicle.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for manufacture and shipping.

State Police Patrol custom badge, pin and challenge coin set - $75 (plus $9 shipping)


Badge sets are available only to current and retired Massachusetts State Police sworn and civilian personnel.  Orders from non-Department personnel will be cancelled.


This jewelry quality fine etched badge is produced in the likeness of the original State Police Patrol badge issued to the graduates of the “First Class” on September 1, 1921. 

The State Police Patrol badge is authorized by the Colonel for wear on-duty by current members of the Department from September 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.

Each badge will have your MSP ID number engraved on the reverse.  Authorized personnel may order as many sets as they wish, but all will have your MSP ID number engraved on the reverse for security purposes.

Badges are available in either Silver Pewter finish for Troopers and Sergeants, or Gold Antique finish for Commissioned Officers.  No ranks will be engraved on the front, which is consistent with the original badges.

The badge will come in a velvet display box along with a commemorative challenge coin and matching finish lapel pin for off-duty or plainclothes wear.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for manufacture and shipping. 


For more information, email giftshop@mspmlc.org

Antique Pewter badge
Challenge Coin
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Cruiser Decal
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